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American Standard Glenwall Pressure Assisted Elongated Wall-Mounted Toilet:

5 Best American Standard Toilets 2018 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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When you struggle for a new toilet for your home, you should consider few things before you get puzzled by the various available options in the market. There are some guidelines which will help you to find the right kind of toilet for your requirement:

  • Look for the bowl shape, height of the toilet and the style
  • Consider if you want  to have a water saving toilet
  • Check the flush power rating system
  • Read the installation process

What is a Trapway: It is snakelike tubing on the sides of your toilet through which water flows. A larger trapway diameter (ex. 2 3/8-in) reduces the chance of clogging and overflow.

Among many of the brands in the market today, American Standard Company makes the search for a quality toilet product easy and affordable. The various types of toilets such as one piece, two pieces, round, elongated, compact, right height, and standard are available to choose from their various categories. Here at Toiletsman we have mentioned five popular and best American Standard Toilets which can be considered while choosing a system.

1. American Standard Champion 4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet:

This is an undoubtedly leading toilet regarding the performance. It is a one-piece toilet which eradicates clogged toilet.

Best Features of the toilet system:

  • Four-inch piston action accelerator flush valve
  • Fully glazed 2-⅜ inch fully-glazed trapway
  • 100 percent factory flush tested
  • ADA Compliant right height one-piece toilet
  • Slow close toilet seat
  • Water efficient standard for ultra-low-flush toilet
  • The growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew is restricted by the EverClean surface
  • Odor and stain proof
  • Low consumption of energy

American Standard Champion 4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated ToiletSpecifications and product type: This toilet system measures 29-¾ by 17-¾ by 29-½ inches and the shape is elongated for comfortable use.

Included parts of the product: Two color matched bolt caps come with the right height elongated one-piece toilet. The seat is not included in the box.

Service parts availability: Available at the stores, website, and

Installation of products: It is a floor-mounted toilet system, smoothes off the bead of sealant around the base.

Cleaning tips: Clean your toilet with mild soapy water, rinse through clear water and dry with a soft cloth

Warranty Info: The company gives 10-year limited warranty to the customers on chinaware and trim.

2. American Standard H2Option Siphonic Toilet:

This is one of the best water-efficient gravity-flush toilets on the market which allows both water conservation and great performance. It comes with compact design, good height, efficient flushing technology and also refills quickly.

Best features of this toilet system:

  • Dual flush option
  • 2 color matched bolt caps
  • Ultra High efficient water saving for maximum water saving
  • Save water by choosing full or partial flush
  • EverClean surface for greater hygiene included for no extra cost
  • For a cleaner,  long-lasting use and  it is constructed with durable vitreous China
  • Powerwash rim with the help of siphon jet bowl technology
  • It is CES listed and CALGreen Compliant.

American Standard H2Option Siphonic ToiletSpecifications and product type: Dimensions are 15 x 29.8 x 30 inches, normal height and elongated style toilet

Included Parts with the product: Toilet bowl, toilet tank, and color matched bolt caps

Service parts availability: Service parts are available with extra charge and from the brand website, stores and

Installation of products: You need to remove the old toilet seat, if any and position the toilet to the wall and fix it firmly on the ground. Put sealant around the base for a proper hold.

Cleaning tips: Mild soap and water are best for cleaning the toilet. Rinse and use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess water and dirt.

Warranty Info: It has a limited 5-year warranty from the company on mechanical and chinaware and 1 year on the toilet seat are included with the product.

3. American Standard Glenwall Pressure Assisted Elongated Wall-Mounted Toilet:

This kind of toilet is from the elongated collection and can be a perfect addition to any bathroom. It is a space saving model but at the same time, it adds a stylish and sophisticated element.

Best features of the toilet system:

  • Elongated shaped bowl
  • Water efficiency is 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Low consumption
  • It has pressure-assisted siphon jet action
  • It also has 2 inches fully glazed ball pass trapway
  • Side-mounted chrome lever trip
  • Speed contact – tank and bowl coupling system
  • Sanitary bar on the bowl is available
  • It is a close-coupled flushometer tank
  • It has 10 x 12-inch water surface area

American Standard Glenwall Pressure Assisted Elongated Wall-Mounted Toilet:Specification and product type: The dimension is 30 x 19.5 x 29.5 inch, seat height is 16.5 inch, and the weight is 120 pounds.

Included Parts with the product: Bolt caps, and bowl is included but tank seat cover is not included

Service parts availability: Service parts are available separately through the brand website, various associated websites, and

Installation of products: It is a wall-mounted and back outlet toilet system.

Cleaning tips: As it is attached to the wall, it is very easy to clean with mild soap and the soft cloth

Warranty Info: It has one-year limited time warranty by the company

4. American Standard Fairfield Elongated One-Piece Toilet Seat Toilet

This low-profile and highly efficient toilet is a striking addition to any modern bathroom which provides longer and greater comfort. It is a water-efficient innovation which looks sleek and of course pocket-friendly.

Best features of the product:

  • Made from Vitreous China
  • High efficient toilet – 4.8 Lpf/1.28gpf
  • Meets all EPA WaterSense criteria
  • Comes with elongated siphon action bowl
  • It has an elongated siphon action bowl
  • Comes with two color-matched bolt caps
  • It has the side mounted actuator and polished chrome
  • It has 3 flush valves, 2 trapway, and a pilot fill valve

American Standard Fairfield Elongated One-Piece Toilet Seat ToiletSpecification and product type: Dimension ranges from 29.25 x 16.12 x 26.38 inch and the net weight is 15.52 lbs.

Water conservation facts: It saves water around 1.2 gallons per flush to help save 20% more water than many of the standard toilet.

Service parts availability: It comes with the toilet bowl, 2 caps and toilet seat and the parts are available on the website, stores, and

Installation of products: After removing the old toilet (if any) measure the dimension, install the closet bolts and wax seal, position the toilet and install it with the tank.

Cleaning tips: Mild soap water and soft washcloth are needed to keep the toilet clean.

Warranty Info: The company provides one year of limited warranty

5. American Standard Town Square Concealed Trapway RH Elongated Toilet with Seat

Town Square trapway toilet is an efficient design which uses less water per flush and the ‘Our Flowise’ technology helps to minimize the water consumption. It is a comfortable toilet with high-class performance and beauty.

If you are looking for one of the best quality toilets with the fair and competitive price which will last for years and appear as brand new, then we can definitely recommend American Standard Toilet for you.

Best features of the product:

  • The perfect combination of bowl, tank, and seat
  • Coordinates with town square suite of fixtures and faucets
  • Comes with classic American traditional style
  • Right height elongated siphon action bowl
  • Smooth-sided concealed trapway
  • Matching chrome trip lever with the Town Square faucets and accessories
  • It is a luxury performance toilet
  • It meets the standard criteria of EPA WaterSense
  • Fully glazed 2-inch trapway and oversized 3-inch flush valve

American Standard Town Square Concealed Trapway RH Elongated Toilet with SeatSpecifications and product type: Dimension ranges from 29-¾ inches by 15-¼ inches by 31-⅛ inches

Service parts availability: Parts are available in-store and online websites

Installation of product: The process of installation is standard and easy, as the product is wall mounted system.

Cleaning tips: The EverClean Surface inhibits the growth of bacteria and dirt and Powerwash Rim helps in easy cleaning. A mild detergent or gel-based cleaning substance can be used to clean the surface

Warranty information: This product is backed by a 10-year long warranty that covers everything inside and out by the company

If you are a camping person then you should check out Best Composting Toilet For RV & Tiny House – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)


American Standard Toilet comes with the modern and chic look, lot of promising features like EverClean Surface, EPA WaterSense, Self-Cleaning Toilet system, EZ Install and VorMox Flushing Technology. The combination of affordable price and best quality assurance makes the brand unique and desirable.

Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Best Composting Toilet For RV & Tiny House – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)

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Read the 2018’s best composting toilet reviews. Find out how to compare waterless toilets based on smell and other important factors.

The ancient flush toilet connected with sewer system or septic tank is a bygone saga. Most of the people are used to the toilets with the flush mechanism as the common way of disposing of the waste, but the areas which have small rooms or no option to use septic tanks have another spectacular option to use – Composting Toilet System.

It can be a bit tricky to understand how the waterless sewage system can be easily used but it’s more exciting to know that with its energy-saving features, it is completely odorless too. This alternative sewage system mechanism uses very less or no energy at all. There are various types of composting toilet available with great features, you just need to understand the process of this composting system along with your own requirement. Among the various brands present in the market, we have jotted down only five to give a clear view while it comes to choose a compost toilet. But before buying one, you should be aware of some of the choices, which you might consider according to your own necessity:

  • Cost of a good composting toilet according to your budget
  • It should not stink inside or outside
  • It should have a urine-diverting system
  • Solid waste disposing system
  • Vent system and if it supplied with the toilet
  • The time between clearing the waste
  • If the brand has good customer service option

Best Composting Toilet Reviews 2018: Waterless Throne Comparisons and Smell Ratings

1. Separett Villa 9200 Compost Toilet:

This is one of the most recommended among other five because of it’s medium price tag and lots of important features.  It’s a popular design in Europe and currently gaining more approval state wise. It is towards the higher price range but innovative design and low maintenance will surely be worth the money by the buyers.

Some of the advantages of Separett Villa are:

  • It is an advanced urine-diverting toilet system
  • The urine is simply piped outdoor
  • The interior of the toilet has a weight activated trap door that hides the waste from view
  • The airtight trap door swings open and shuts automatically when someone sits and stands up
  • The composting process takes place in a removable bin attached with a compostable bag
  • Lightweight and well-built in quality
  • The weight is 45 lbs. and it’s portable as well as transportable, ideal for cabin use and camping too
  • It needs AC standard electric power
  • It comes with two-speed fans for ventilation

Water conservation facts: It has the waterless system which is convenient for remote homes

Service parts availability: All the parts are available on the company website, and associated websites.

Installation of products: It is easy to install because of its Sleek design and small size

Cleaning tips: The removable containers and set up makes it end-product very easy to clean and empty. Also, you can use disposable cleaning bags which is available on the brand website and

Warranty Info: Five years warranty for any manufacturing defect

2. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle:

Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank HandleThis unit is a popular product because of its quality material manufacturing as well as portable and convenient to use. Nature’s head compost toilet is sold over 10,000 pieces and largely appreciated by the happy customers. It is a natural, safe, eco-friendly and easy to use the product for your home, cabin, workshop and more.

Some basic features of Nature’s head dry composting toilet are:

    • This is a user-friendly toilet system with hand cracker agitator which helps in fast composting.
    • This system has the most innovative design for personal sanitation
    • This is a self-contained design with the urine-diverting system.
    • The material is hard stainless steel with strong construction
    • It is a value for money product and has odorless feature.  
    • Modeled in toilet seat for easy cleaning
    • Disassembles easily without any hassle
    • Unit comes with every important thing except the external vent
    • The brand provides exceptional customer service along with quality products.  

Water conservation facts: It requires no water to operate

Service parts availability: Service parts are available through the website and customer care service

Installation of Product: Return is available if the product is unused and purchased from an authorized distributor.

Cleaning Tips: the Quick spray of water with white vinegar or a natural cleaner between each use is recommended. The moistened paper towel can be used for subtle interior and exterior cleaning.

Warranty Info: It is proudly made in the USA and has 5 years warranty

Return policy: According to the company, the product can be returned within 60 days from the purchase date and if it has been never been installed.

3. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design:

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle DesignThis is a full-sized value for money toilet system which is reliable to use anywhere and in any environmental condition.

The best features of this value for money compost toilet system are:

  • The main feature of this products is the comfortable full-size elongated seat.
  • It is made with stainless-steel hardware and can be easily disassembled when needed.
  • The fan and the vent hole comes with the system. It is odorless and easy to install the system.
  • It is 28 pounds in weight and uses 12 volts.
  • It is a portable composting system, self-contained and comes with the urine-separating dry toilet.
  • The recycling of air in the bathroom helps to create the odorless environment.
  • It can withstand any harsh marine habitat especially if electricity is not available or plumbing is difficult to process.
  • The most user-friendly system than anything in the market has a craggy design and durable in any kind of unfavorable environment.

Water conservation facts: It does not require any water, as a result, it is excellent for extended camping, RV stay, sailboat and outdoor use including an indoor facility

Service parts availability: Contact the company to request for service parts, some are also available at

Installation of products: The installation method is floor mounted and it comes with no battery.

Cleaning tips: Clean with natural water and white vinegar or a natural cleaner between each use. A moistened paper towel can be used for subtle interior and exterior cleaning.

Warranty Info: This product comes with 5 years warranty policy

Return Policy: The product can be returned to the company, authorized store or distributor within 60 days of the date of purchase.

4. Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet:

Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting ToiletIt is a low profile toilet system with a high price tag, which looks great and has new variable diameter Bio-Drum added to it.

The main features if this model is as follows:

  • This low profile unit uses no water and it is 100% polluting free.
  • It is super comfortable and complements any bathroom quite easily.
  • It uses standard household current and is odorless.
  • It converts human waste to safe fertilizing soil with its self-composting system.
  • This is for single person use and comes with medium capacity.
  • It also has variable diameter bio-drum with recessed handle for processing compost.
  • It is a self-contained toilet with detachable footrest and pest-proof facility.
  • It has emergency drain system and comes with venting kit.

Water conservation facts: No water or sewer connection required

Service parts availability: Service parts are available through the company website and registered associate companies.

Installation of products:  Few pieces are used in Sun-Mar compost toilet therefore, it can be assembled in an easy manner and in any harsh weather

Cleaning tips: Easy cleaning procedure with no extra hassle

Warranty Info: The company gives 5 years full warranty on the product.

Return Policy: The product can be returned or refunded in unused condition.


While buying a compost toilet, you need to see the user-friendly nature and easy maintenance along with the quality of the product, next come to your budget criteria. This detailed guidance will help you to go and grab the best compost toilet for your need. This is an important decision to make because this ecological friendly  waste management system is reusable can save energy.